"intern" School Project

As fashion design students at Istituto Marangoni, we go through the "lovely" tasks of creating thematic collections, constructed with guidelines of the school board.  My latest project consisted in the selection of a brand, and the creation of a collection for the respective brand. As an avid admirer of avant-gardist art and androgyny, I selected Ann Demeulemeester as my brand. However, it turns out that I over-floridified the whole deal. Oops.

For this post I wanted to show you some of the steps for creating out collections (there are many steps missing).

1. First i had to pick the inspiration. Given that Ann's last collections for men and women were inspired by specific individuals (Isabelle Eberhardt for SS12 women, Arthur Rimbaud for SS12 men) and their adventures, I decided to follow her inspiration paradigm.... sort of. My collection was based on Ferdinand Cheval, an early 20th century mailman from France who decided to build  a castle on stones that he collected in his mailman route. Amazing story, click on his name for his Wikipedia article.

2. Create Moodboard. We're supposed to make one, but I was bored in class so I made 2.
Many images were taken from CovherLab's facebook profile. thanks!

3. Craftsmanship. I dont really know the name of these in English but in Italian they are called lavorazioni. It is the work that goes behind the fabrics and garments that make them unique, I made 5: 1 for Fall and 4 for Winter.

The fall "lavorazione"
The Winter "lavorazioni"

4. Selection of colors, fabrics, and accessories. The accessories in this case are the buttons, zippers, etc. Here are the ones I used.

5. Selection of silhouettes and rough-draft flats. Here are examples of some of the preliminary flats or tecnici of my collection.

6. Illustrations. Finally I get to put together the ideas of the fabrics, colors, accessories, lavorazioni, and flats together to make whole outfits. 5 for fall, 5 for winter, 5 for evening wear.
We also get to create shoes for the sketches. I made a different shoe for fall, winter, and evening wear. The illustrations are made with Tria markers and Faber Castell colored pencils.


Evening Wear

I hope you liked my collection! I am hesitant about whether or not it is "an Ann Demeulemeester collection" but it is what came out. Oh well, that's that....


  1. nice, I like. Well done.

  2. Love this Blog, great posts.

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate it.