Pre-blog Pictures

I wanted to show my friends how my blog was going to be even before the lauching of it. I figured that a good mean of illustrating my so-distorted conceptual blog, was by alluding to Television distortion! This is what came out:

Shirt, Raf Simons; Coat with leather appliques, Rob Chamaeleo; Pants, Versace; Shoes Doc Martens

All three pictures were shot in a friend, Sol Sphinx's, studio. They were shot by Oscar Herrera and the make-up artist was Luis Gonzalez.



A small part of my interview at the Gucci FW11 show. FashionTV.
Hopefully you enjoyed my answer!

I'm the one at 0:32 with the hipster glasses (I'm not fond of hipsters... irony) and the horribly havocked faux-hawk.


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Stephan Balleux is yet another incredible talent that emerges from the Antwerp colleges. His artistic style tends to fuse reality and a noodle-freak fantasy, which in turn results in grotesque paintings. His work is so appealing to me (and close to my heart) because although it creates a freak-fest out of what could be real, it appears more honest than reality itself. He deletes all the false virtue of the phi-filled “perfect human” and removes the mask; revealing the beauty of the beast inside.


Shirt, John RichmondCoat with fisher fur, Rob Chamaeleo; Pants,Trussardi 1911
Photography, Sabi + La Noire; Styling, Marco Barquero Suarez.

Kill Bill: Volume 2. Quentin Tarantino
I bet every little girl wants to be as bad-ass as Beatrix Kiddo.
If not…. Here is a link to My Little Pony and please leave my blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP_rIAkb_v8 


 Comme des Garcons SS12

The Mummies- What a Way to Die….. Must love The Mummies. Adding to the representation of everything that is kitsch and tacky in music (performing with used instruments in poorly arranged outfits, evoking ultra-vulgarity), they also created this DIY music movement to accompany their image. They decided to create their garage-punk in the most simple way; not minimal, but simple. It is as though they over-lazy-fied the process of creation, creating an unharmonious noise out of provoked sloth. Delightfully distasteful.

Gareth Pugh SS12

I found this artist on Covher Lab’s (one of my facebook friends) page……. 4 incredible images and I was ready to go! Samori is an Italian artist who is currently exhibiting in Milan. His practice consists on painting 17th century-like paintings and thereafter distorting them. It is deconstruction, it is genius, it is bestial. http://www.nicolasamori.com/

Added to the sequence because  of Darkman’s look and because I remember that Yakatito died from asphyxiation. 

Alexander McQueen SS12
As a typical fully-bias idolizer/devotee of Alexander McQueen, I was reluctant to believe that anybody could fill in McQueen’s shoes. As a matter of fact, when Sarah Burton stepped in as creative director, I sort of hated her. Boy, has she proven me wrong! Of course nobody can do the work Lee did, but she is definitely leaving me dumbstruck season after season. Spring/Summer 2012 with it’s delicately asphyxiating bondage, is my favorite of hers so far


Useless Observation

  • Marc Chagall
  • Rooster symbology
  • Jewish Russians
  • Junya Watanabe
  • Aaron Rose

While reading Marc Chagall’s biography and flipping through a book that encompasses most of his Fauvist-Cubist work, I was surprised by the constant repetition of roosters inserted into romantic contexts. It was the fact that the rooster tended to appear as a third element in the illustrations (the lovers being the first two), which reached my attention the most. It seems as though Chagall depicted “love” as a rooster. In the painting “Lovers with Red Rooster”, the rooster even takes the shape of a heart.

Marc Chagall: The Rooster
Not convinced with my observation, I went online and looked for the symbolic meaning of roosters in Chegall’s work but I found nothing. In a procrastinating spree I came to find out that most cultures and religions have positive connotations of this bird… except for the Celtic and the Norse who evidently tended to have an oftentimes Naturalistic overview on, well, everything. Maybe it is because I am not an avid fan of livestock but, in my opinion, roosters are quite the opposite. They are narcissistic and violent; arrogant and beautiful; which, of course, makes me repudiate them all the more.
Then of course Mr. Chagall was mostly inspired by his hometown Vitebsk, his Jewish roots, and his love for Bella Rosenfeld. There must be something about one of these three that bring the rooster into context. If anybody finds out why he links them, please let me know. I do not know why but it is stupid subjective things like these that interest me… sew me.

Jersey coat with rooster feathers, Rob Chamaeleo; Pants, Dries van Noten; Shoes, Doc Martens/// Photography, Oscar Herrera.

Jersey coat with rooster feathers, Rob Chamaeleo; Pants, Dries van Noten; Shoes, Doc Martens/// Photography, Oscar Herrera.

Feather and fringe shirt, Rob Chamaeleo; Boxers, Banana Republic; Shoes, Doc Martens/// Photography,Oscar Herrera; Make-up, Luis Gonzales.

The Junya Watanabe collection for Spring/Summer 2012 was breathtaking and probably one of my favorites. The South American inspiration and his wabi-sabi-savvy deconstruction of the Argentinian bolero put him at amongst my top collections this season.  Also, on a side-note: the red flowery motifs and the rooster-feather headdresses somehow remind me of a Jewish Russia, ergo Chagall’s heritage and paintings.

Special thanks to the photographer Oscar Herrera and make-up artist Luis Gonzalez for helping me with the photo shoots. All details are above except for this: I found the amazing Mexican, “Dia de los Muertos” mask and the small wooden rooster in my parents’ collection and went on to show my interpretation of the bird’s significance.

Also, If you have time, you should watch this. It is a transfixing film by Aaron Rose which focuses on capturing screen shots of poultry, I saw it on Nowness.com a couple of months ago and voila’