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Stephan Balleux is yet another incredible talent that emerges from the Antwerp colleges. His artistic style tends to fuse reality and a noodle-freak fantasy, which in turn results in grotesque paintings. His work is so appealing to me (and close to my heart) because although it creates a freak-fest out of what could be real, it appears more honest than reality itself. He deletes all the false virtue of the phi-filled “perfect human” and removes the mask; revealing the beauty of the beast inside.


Shirt, John RichmondCoat with fisher fur, Rob Chamaeleo; Pants,Trussardi 1911
Photography, Sabi + La Noire; Styling, Marco Barquero Suarez.

Kill Bill: Volume 2. Quentin Tarantino
I bet every little girl wants to be as bad-ass as Beatrix Kiddo.
If not…. Here is a link to My Little Pony and please leave my blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP_rIAkb_v8 


 Comme des Garcons SS12

The Mummies- What a Way to Die….. Must love The Mummies. Adding to the representation of everything that is kitsch and tacky in music (performing with used instruments in poorly arranged outfits, evoking ultra-vulgarity), they also created this DIY music movement to accompany their image. They decided to create their garage-punk in the most simple way; not minimal, but simple. It is as though they over-lazy-fied the process of creation, creating an unharmonious noise out of provoked sloth. Delightfully distasteful.

Gareth Pugh SS12

I found this artist on Covher Lab’s (one of my facebook friends) page……. 4 incredible images and I was ready to go! Samori is an Italian artist who is currently exhibiting in Milan. His practice consists on painting 17th century-like paintings and thereafter distorting them. It is deconstruction, it is genius, it is bestial. http://www.nicolasamori.com/

Added to the sequence because  of Darkman’s look and because I remember that Yakatito died from asphyxiation. 

Alexander McQueen SS12
As a typical fully-bias idolizer/devotee of Alexander McQueen, I was reluctant to believe that anybody could fill in McQueen’s shoes. As a matter of fact, when Sarah Burton stepped in as creative director, I sort of hated her. Boy, has she proven me wrong! Of course nobody can do the work Lee did, but she is definitely leaving me dumbstruck season after season. Spring/Summer 2012 with it’s delicately asphyxiating bondage, is my favorite of hers so far

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