The Stairway to Heaven

- Smoking pictures and some other inspiration images..... that's all!

I was talking to my friends: the amazing photography duo Sabi + La Noire, and we wanted to do a monstrous photo shoot with some of my garments from my FW11 line mixed with garments of other designers. We also wanted to format this photo shoot in a sequence and in the end, it was decided to make "the loss of innocence" the theme. The story was to present a tabula rasa-ed subject who "has it all" and make him transition to a street of perdition: opposite to the Lao Tse "Way," it is a devouring corrupted way, which in the end is what most mortals would fall into if they were presented with something enticing or addicting. To project our view, we went with something so cliche' regarding addiction: smoking.

Photography: Sabi+La Noire
Hair and Make-Up: Luis Gonzalez
Accessories: Lalis Contreras
Clothes: Vary from picture to picture

I will post one per day for the next week with some inspiration images to follow.

Part 1: The Discovery
Houndstooth cotton and leather jacket: Rob Chamaeleo/ copper dress used as shirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim/ Pinstripe pants: Dolce and Gabbana/
Bracelet used as tiara and necklace used as ring: all by LContreras

Part 2: The Ingestion

Rabbit and leather jacket: Rob Chamaeleo/ Necklace used as monocle: LContreras

Part 3: The Addiction

Rabbit and leather jacket: Rob Chamaeleo/ Necklace used as monocle: LContreras

Part 4: The Disease

Jersey and houndstooth cotton jumper: Rob Chamaeleo/ Ring: LContreras

Part 5: The Stubbornness

Long Tank-Top: Miami Sunrise/ Rings: LContrerasSunglasses: photographer's own.


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